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Our attention has been drawn to posts and pictures making the rounds in the social media with regard to the recent visit of Ben Obi (Mbuze Agulu) and his team – comprising prominent APGA supporters – to the new headquarters of the party in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

The visit, which received a generous media space before it took place, attracted the presence of the National Chairman of APGA, Ozonkpu Dr. Victor Ike Oye, the National Secretary, Labaran Maku and two other members of the National Working Committee (NWC) of the party in the persons of Chief Uche Nwegbo (National Vice Chairman, South East) and Barrister Carol Okoreafor (National Welfare Secretary).

The visitors were heartily received and entertained by the National Chairman and his colleagues.

It was indeed a beautiful visit as there was pomp and ceremony.

Ben Obi and other members of his entourage spoke glowingly about the achievements of Dr. Oye and the present NWC, and the National Leader, Sir Willie Obiano – governor of Anambra State.

One remarkable comment that featured throughout Ben Obi’s speech on the occasion was that the visit to the party headquarters was private and personal, and that they were not sent by anybody.

A group photograph was taken after the event, but it is yet to surface in the social media.

To our consternation too, the photographs being circulated by mischievous persons were those of Ben Obi’s visit to Arthur Eze’s Abuja home.

Truly, we would not have bothered making this rebuttal if the mischief makers had stopped at that. Rather they tried to hoodwink unsuspecting members of the public by trying to create the impression that the National Chairman of our party went with them to see Arthur Eze by juxtaposing the photographs they took at the national office of the party with the ones taken at Arthur Eze’s house.

We find this kind of misrepresentation of facts obnoxious, mendacious and fallacious and aimed at achieving cheap political points.

We wish to state without any fear of contradiction that neither the governor of Anambra State nor the national chairman of APGA gave his consent to the visit to Arthur Eze. It was an entirely Ben Obi’s conjecture and decision. So whatever consequences that arise from his indiscrete actions should be borne by him alone.

We wish to advise the general public to discountenance any plot to misrepresent the facts about the visit of Ben Obi and his team to Abuja. After all, they are old enough to bear the consequences of their actions, if any.

Finally, we wish to state that no date has been fixed for the commissioning of the new edifice of the party in Abuja. A new date will be made public as soon as the ravages of COVID-19 reduce to the barest minimum or a cure found.

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A platform where you get first hand and accurate information and News about APGA, it's leadership and APGA government