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One Year In Office: APGA Imo North Senatorial Candidate, Onyirimba, Wife, Campaign Organization Congratulate APGA National Chairman, Ozonkpu Oye

My wife and I, and members of ONYIRIMBA FOR SENATE CAMPAIGN join the rest of the world in congratulating the national chairman of APGA, Ozonkpu Dr. Victor Oye on his one year anniversary of his second tenure in office.

We congratulate him as APGA continued to grow as a purpose driven party with an identifiable principle and ideology.

We congratulate Ozonkpu as APGA continued to weather the storm of growing pains and emerge as the most unified party in the country.

We congratulate Ozonkpu for expanding APGA from a regional party to a major national party capable of winning the presidency in the nearest future.

We congratulate him for making APGA to be the FIRST AND ONLY Party to acquire its OWN National Secretariat in Abuja.

We congratulate Ozonkpu for empowering State Chairmen to use their initiatives to grow the party in their various States without undue interference.

We congratulate Ozonkpu for the renewed face of APGA wherein the most qualified and ardent APGA members were given a level playing ground to emerge as Candidates without undue imposition that characterized other political parties in Nigeria.

We congratulate our national chairman for his sacrifice of love in providing palliatives to cushion the effects of covid 19 on APGA Anambra State, APGA Imo State and other states in Nigeria.

Ozonkpu Victor Oye is a friend of Imo State.
He is a leader with listening ears
He is a leader with eyes that sees the achievements of his lieutenants
He is a leader with a heart that appreciates efforts.
He is a man of culture and custom.
He turns the breaking of kolanut into a learning exercise. (Listen to him break kolanut and you will fall in love with him)
He is engaging
He is knowledgeable
He is a strategist
He is versed in the Word
He is prayerful
He is a family man.

Ozonkpu Victor Oye, APGA National Chairman, may God continue to direct your path as you lead His people to their desired destination.

APGA must fulfill its mantra ONYE AGHALA NWANNE YA.

Truly truly nkea bu nkeanyi


Blessings my National Chairman.

Attorney Charles Chibuike Onyirimba


#COVID-19 is real

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A platform where you get first hand and accurate information and News about APGA, it's leadership and APGA government