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Bede Has Gone Berserk Again

Just yesterday, I came across a piece of trash authored by one demented Bede Chukwuekezie. For those who are regular on the social media, the said Bede Chukwuekezie has become notorious for his incessant display of infantile narcissism and show of shame.

Since his ill fated attempt to fly APGA’s governorship flag in Enugu state at the last general elections hit the rock, and understandably so, given that he was unable to raise the amount of money needed to purchase the governorship form, he has taken to the internet to unjustly vilify the very revered and indefatigable National Chairman of our great party APGA, Ozonkpu Dr. Victor Ike Oye.

Of course, as usual with Dr. Oye, an urbane gentlemen and very refined statesman, he has ignored the senseless rantings of the said Bede.

I have also toed the path of ignoring the stupid rantings of Bede Chukwuekezie, if not for the very germane need of putting the records straight and preserving the basket of facts from desecration by ravenous political hoodlums like Bede.

Pray, how can someone who could not come up with the token amount of purchasing a governorship form be entrusted with the onerous and challenging responsibility of leading APGA’s charge to capture a state as critical as Enugu? Or is Bede Chukwuekezie telling us that Dr. Oye is responsible for his inability to come up with the necessary fees to purchase the governorship form? Honestly, it seems to me that Bede is reasoning from his anus.

APGA as a political party, it must be stated, is a serious minded and purposeful organization that has no room for nitwits and clout chasers. No, not at all!

It is a known fact traded a dozen a dime on the streets of Oji River where Bede hails from, that he pretended to the governorship contest to draw attention to himself in his bid to get political appointment. Now, APGA cannot and will not be a tool for that shylock trade. Never!

And as if his favorite pastime of senselessly vilifying Dr. Oye is not enough, he has added the globally revered economist, Prof. Chukwuma Soludo to his unguarded utterances.

In the said piece, Bede alleged that some party members are not happy with Soludo because of his very close relationship with and unflinching support for Dr. Oye. Very laughable allusion, indeed. Honestly, such thoughts can only emanate from a mind suffering extreme dementia and schizophrenia.

Pray, who’s Bede in the scheme of affairs to attempt to advice the very erudite Prof. Soludo? Now, that’s a cassava eating he-goat thinking himself a lion. That’s dementia plus arrant stupidity.

For the records, Dr. Oye has redefined, redesigned and transformed APGA and set it on the path to fulfilling its manifest political destiny. As things currently stand, APGA under Oye remains the only political party in Nigeria that rose up to the challenge of the Covid-19 pandemic with a very robust palliative intervention to the indigents in society irrespective of party affiliation.

APGA, today, remains the only political party in Nigeria that owns a permanent national headquarters in a highbrow area of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

Under Oye, we are witnesses to a reinvented APGA that has truly become a national party in content and outlook. APGA now wins election right in the heart of the core north of the country. From Paiko in Niger state to the farmlands of Taraba and Benue, the APGA cock crows defiantly. And that is why all right thinking men and women like Prof. Chukwuma Soludo are identifying passionately with the man who created it all, the big masquerade of the Nigerian political arena, Ozonkpu Dr. Victor Ike Oye. It is only deaf demented elements like Bede that won’t applaud this historic recreation of APGA from a fringe political party to a dominant political movement in Nigeria.

Facts are stubborn and obstinate, and so there’s nothing Bede Chukwuekezie and his paymasters can do to detract us from the fact that APGA under Oye has become a winning political machine of all season. And that’s part of the reason Soludo is confident and comfortable in APGA.

Lastly, let me state clearly and emphatically that Bede, from information garnered from a reliable source, is playing a hatchet job for a top APGA politician who is daily consumed by envy, occasioned by the rising profile of Dr. Oye.

It is this politician that goads him to desperately attack Oye – even when he knows that what he is doing is bad.

Truth is that it is only a political neophyte, a desperado, a jobless goon will allow himself to be so manipulated. Bede is definitely riding his political career on the back of the tiger. Very soon, I repeat very soon, he will end up in the belly of the tiger.

It is not enough to hide under a social media platform to cast aspersions on somebody’s valued reputation. The real problem for Bede lies in when the law of retributive justice will beckon on him to account for his imbecility, disingenuity, and fortuitous greed, which combined have left him morally castrated and bankrupt, mentally asphyxiated and voluptuously gullible.

I rest my case.

To God be the glory!

Chinedu Anselem Nebeife (Ikenga Agunkwo);
National Youth Leader, APGA

#Covid-19 is real

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